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I've had a couple of people express to me that they miss the money-saving updates, and I will try to bring those back more in the coming weeks. Like everything else right now, it's just a matter of stealing the time away to make it happen. ;) Here's a quick recap of healthy and organic money-savers available right now: has printable coupons for:
Land O' Lakes and Alpine Lace cheese
Sargento Natural Cheese Snacks
So Delicious coconut milk products
Alaska Pollock or Cod fresh or frozen breaded fillets
Olivia's Organics Salad
Gold N' Plump All Natural Chicken
Caribou Coffee
Good Earth Tea
Project Runway for Wii
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
on DVD (omg, this was one of my absolute favorites as a kid..)
Huggies products. (Y'all with little ones should definitely buy your child Chitty Chitty Bang Bang while you're at it... ;P)
and lots more.

If you don't find these coupons using your zipcode at the prompt, try a few others... they offer different things regionally sometimes. I usually try: 30033, 92701, 75254, 02108 etc. has printable coupons for:
Toms of Maine Maximum Strength Fluoride Toothpaste
World's Best Cat Litter (it's River and Firefly endorsed... plus rebate alert!)
Fruit2Day smoothies
Odwalla Superfood drinks
al Fresco All Natural Chicken Sausage
Green Giant Frozen Vegetables
and lot's more.

Redplum has printable coupons for:
Sara Lee pre-sliced deli meat
Earth Grains bread
Sara Lee Soft and Smooth bread

Mambo Sprouts has printable coupons for:
Country Choice Organic
Wallaby Organic Yogurt
Explorer's Bounty
Earth's Best baby food
Florida Crystals Organic sugar

Whole Foods has printable coupons for:365 Organic Peanut Butter
Brown Cow Yogurt
Nature's Path
Luna & Lara Bars
Organic Valley Cheese
Nasoya Products
as well as others.

(Keep in mind that these are store coupons, so you only can use them at Whole Foods or at a store that accepts competitor coupons. However, you *can* stack them with manufacturer's coupons, so it can turn things into a great deal really fast if you're lucky enough to be able to use them)

Target has printable coupons for:
Morningstar Farms entrees
Kashi Products (several "Buy two get one free" coupons for different products)
Honest Kids Organic Drinks
Sobe Life Water
Archer Farms "Simply Balanced" products (bread, tortillas, pasta & sauce, etc)
Seventh Generation cleaning products (*Target store coupon! So you could "stack" it with the Manufacturer's coupons available on the Seventh Generation site)

And last but not least (this one is for my mom, who loves these things), here's a coupon for Skinny Cow Truffle Bars too.

If you're like me and have been having trouble finding your favorite organic foods on sale at your local grocery store, it's well-worth keeping your eyes open for manager's specials on Amazon. Right now they have a great selection of organic teas available, as well as some organic coffees, candy, and these trail mix/granola bars, all 40% off or better. Keep in mind though, its kind of the internet equivalent of buying in bulk at a club store, so it might not seem cheap at first glance. You come out ahead in the end though!

Let me know any exciting healthy/natural deals y'all find!

Note: Some of these are affiliate links. :)

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  1. Earthbound Farm ( has a $1 off coupon they'll snail mail you for taking a quiz. They'll also send you a little folder about organic foods that has two 75 cent coupons. I've gotten several other coupons from them, as well. Great for a raw foodist!


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