MP3 Madness: The Living Sisters, French Baroque, City Light, and more!

The blog Muruch has been featuring some great promotional downloads lately... from City Light's memorable pop anthem "Someday Maybe" to two amazing French baroque flute pieces performed by Robert Stallman.

And nobody should overlook The Living Sisters, an awesome new collaboration between Inara George (of The Bird & The Bee), Becky Stark, and Eleni Mandell... They remind me a bit of She and Him in their retro-indie stylings, the Andrews Sisters reference in the Muruch review definitely fits too. It's a really fun sound -- I'm looking forward to hearing more from them! The MP3 available for free download is "Double Knots."

Lastly, while you're over on at Muruch, be sure to enter her Corrine Bailey Rae and Madison Violet CD giveaways! Both end Friday, so don't miss out. :)

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