Free MP3 Madness iTunes edition; quick grab some fun music and an episode of Planet Earth!

This is late but the downloads will be available until Tuesday so it's still worth posting.. there's some really fun stuff this week on iTunes!  You will find:

Two Door Cinema Club, with a fun upbeat electronica track "Something Good Can Work."
Newworldson (or New World Son? iTunes has it with no spaces...), a Canadian Christian Contemporary band, with the track "There is a Way."
Si*Se with a sultry, smooth Spanish track "Buscare."
A full episode from the award-winning Planet Earth series, "From Pole to Pole"

There are various other TV downloads as well, including the pilot episodes of Basketball Wives, Tough Love Couples, Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business, and 9 by Design.  There's also what amounts to a Glee music video, a clip from one of the shows of the gang singing "Hope it Gives You Hell."

Have fun!  Your iPod can thank me later.  ;)

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