LOST: Everybody Loves Hugo, oh yes we do!

I know y'all probably think I renounced Lost out of sheer busyness, but though I haven't had a chance to blog the last couple of weeks I've still been watching... and loving it!  I don't know if I'll be satisfied with the ending, but I've been entirely satisfied by the last couple of episodes.  They've both been entertaining, and given a sense of progression with the overall story line.  So, hurrah!

This last episode was frankly fabulous.  I loved watching Libby and Hugo (they were sooo awkward and awesome lol), and cheered when they were able to follow through with their original beach picnic date plan.  I'm really enjoying seeing the LA Losties "wake up" to their Island existence too.  I'm happy to see Hugo becoming more assertive in the Island reality too, but I'm a leeeetle leery about the whole thing of trusting his instincts to go "talk" to Shadow Dude / Pseudo-Locke.  Ummm does anybody have ANY idea what that talk is going to consist of?  Shadow Dude:  "Hey y'all, good to see you.  Sign in blood on this dotted line please."

Other thoughts:

1.  Poor, poor Sun.  Seriously, I'm starting to think that she and Jin won't be reunited until the finale.
2.  So the whispers are ghosts, eh?  That's kind of my reaction... eh.  It's plausible enough, and officially an Answer, but Michael's tone was a little too "Yes Victoria, there IS a Santa Claus..."  I thought his delivery there was horrendous, and it made the whole scene feel odd to me.
3.  I have to admit, I'm a little confused by Jack's role currently.  It seems like just a bit ago he was talking Richard into a renewed faith in Jacob, and Jacob himself was talking about the important part Jack had to play... now he's all like, 'Well I can't fix this, so I'll follow wherever you lead Hugo."  Not sure if it's fatalism talking right now, or if it's more of a zen manifestation of his earlier faith in Jacob.
4.  OMG ILANA DIED.  Not going to lie, I screamed when she blew up.  I definitely understand Ben's bitterness over what seems like the Island's fickleness... though part of me thinks the writers were just like, 'oh hmm, nobody has died in ages, we really need to remind everybody that all this is quite serious.  Well, Ilana is kinda dispensable.."  Along the same lines, I think Zoe will die soon.
5.  OMG DESMOND.  Though I don't think a single viewer was surprised when he got pushed down that well.  Any thoughts on the significance of it though?  On a pragmatic level, it could have just been Psuedo-Locke wanting to contain Desmond without killing him, but I wonder if the fact that it's located over one of the island's energy sources won't turn out to be significant?  And speaking of zen, what is up with Des on the island lately?  We didn't actually see him doing any "flashing" in this episode -- it would be great if he was simultaneously aware of both places right now.
6.  Hit-and-run Locke... ok, ANY ideas on why Desmond chose to mow Locke over with his car rather then encountering him in any more gentle fashion?  I mean, besides the fact that he might have been feeling a little angsty about being tossed down a well by him in the other reality...

Theory worth mentioning from the message boards:  
Somebody apparently has noticed that on the plane, Desmond was wearing a wedding ring.  Apparently there are also some discrepancies between the license plates of the car he was driving (though other people just say it was a different car altogether) and something about his hair being different.  This has people theorizing that we're seeing THREE realities.  Personally I don't buy it, but I figured it was worth mentioning.

There's also some debate over the identity of the boy we saw...  is it the same child who previously appeared to Locke and Sawyer, only older?  Or a different, dark-haired boy, representing Smoky-Dude himself as a child?  I vote for same-child, probably-Jacob.

Ok y'all.. what were your favorite things?  Favorite grievances?  Favorite new theories?  Let's discuss.  :)

EDIT:  Hehe I can't help it... in a probably totally irrelevant side note, everyone please note that in the Old Testiment, Joseph, the son of JACOB, was thrown down a well.  Haha!  Love it.  ;P


  1. I have a million ideas, but I'll keep it to one: Desmond ran over Locke because in the other timeline he died. Desmond is getting everyone back to the way they're supposed to be so that the original timeline will reset. Therefore, the people who were together must get together and the people who are dead must be dead.

  2. By running down Locke I think Desmond is setting Jack and Ben up for a meeting about a very important spinal surgery. (since they have no constant/True Love)
    Since were looking at OT here how come nobodya has mentioned that Jacob means "deceiver"
    I think the bag Hugo was looking in after Ilana blew up was a bag of game tile to the backgammon set. but this Island thing is more like the game of "Othello" than Backgammon
    Mrs Nehemiah

  3. I'm wondering if near death experience was the only option. It seems to be either that or island love and Locke didn't have one.

  4. 5 & 6 - I'm right with you. I think Desmond has a plan (or Widmore, through Desmond, does) and this is part of it. I think Desmond wanted to kill Locke, not injure him, perhaps as a way to avoid Smokey having so willing a repository back on the island.

    I wonder if the young boy is the island's protector spirit, waiting to see which of the candidates takes Jacob's place? That would explain why it pisses Smokey off so much.

  5. I think Desmond hit Locke to flash him back to the island after the crash when he could walk and instantaneously he fell in love with the ISLAND. Wacky theory I know but the look on his face was exactly the same as when he was waking after the crash!

  6. I agree with Dana! Locke's apperance after being hit by Desmond was remarkably similar to his apperance right after the crash, as he is processing the fact that he can walk. I have a feeling next week we'll be seeing Locke with island memories.

  7. Keri, I am with you. I think Desmond wants back to the "real" reality, but isn't he going to have alot of resistance from people who's "alternate" reality seems better than their real life?? Thus splitting them into two factions........again.

  8. My husband called Locke pushing Desmond down the well about two seconds before it happened. Other than that, I got nothing.

  9. Great thoughts y'all! Interesting idea that Desmond was trying to kill Locke... I also really like the point that the people with 'better' lives in the LA reality might not be tooo enthusiastic about their island existence. I'm looking forward to the next episode for sure!

    Oh, and wasn't the Willie Wonka song in the trailer for next week perfect, and soo creepy? Wonka/Jacob looking for a replacement to rule his own private, zany little world, and everyone else just sort of along for the ride... ;P


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