MP3 Madness... free Josh Ritter!

Yayyy Josh Ritter!  He's coming to Atlanta in May!  It's going to be a great show -- I saw him a few years ago when he was in town, and his enthusiasm was straight-up contagious.  I liked his music before that show, but since then I love it.

Anyway, back to the MP3 Madness:  I have the scoop on where to find several free tracks from his new album, So Runs the World Away, due out May 4th!!

First, you want to head over to his site to download "Change of Time."  Classic, haunting Josh.  (Sorry Mr. Ritter, do you mind if I call you Josh?  I feel like we've been friends for ages...)

Daytrotter also was recently graced by Josh's presence, and offers us a lovely selection of six downloads (not to mention his entertaining intro!).  If you're a long-time fan and familiar with Josh's existing albums already, head straight for "Another New World" and "The Curse."  Otherwise, take your time to download and enjoy them all!  "The Temptation of Adam" is an old favorite of mine... I can only describe it as an apocalyptic love ballad, and it's fabulous.

Note that Daytrotter has changed up their system a bit;  you will need to register and log in now, but it's still free and definitely worth the extra steps!

If you're in the mood for more swing by Amazon;  you can check out Josh Ritter's older albums and preview the rest of So Runs the World Away.  And since by then you'll be totally sold on him as one of the best musical artists of our time, you'll be eager to see him perform in person, so you'll want to go check out his show listing.  (And I'll admit to being a little jealous if you're a resident of Boise Idaho or Long Beach California... there's free concerts and vinyl release parties in both cities.)  Have fun!

Disclosure:  The Amazon link is a referral... the others I posted out of the goodness of my heart muahahaha.  o.O

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  1. Thanks! I have never heard of him, but I like his music. I think I am a new fan! Definitely added to my play list.


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