Lost: Across the Sea, aka Jacob and Smoky's crazy goddess mother begats a dysfunctional family

Man, I was really hoping that the episode about Jacob and Smoky-Dude's origins would happen amidst Egyptian statues, with a plethora of black eye liner and maybe even a little human sacrifice... but no, all we got in this episode of Lost was a murderous demi-god recluse, speaking Latin and hiding in the jungle guarding a sacred light.  I mean, it was interesting and all, but I feel like this episode just created new questions.  Among them:
  • Just who WAS the murderous demi-god recluse?  Anybody we know from mythology, or did the writers make her up?
  • Where did she come from?  
  • How did she know all that stuff about the light?  Who was HER mentor?
  • Why was Smoky the "special" one?
  • Will we ever find out his #@%#^ name?
  • Why was Jacob acting like he needed to be held back a couple of grades all through this episode?
  • Why did the murderous recluse demi-god thank Smoky for stabbing her to death?  
  • Is there any possibility that Jacob too wanted to die when Ben stabbed him?  Or did Miles say Jacob was upset when he died?  I forget.
  • Who built the Egyptian statue and why didn't we see it in this episode?
  • Just what kind of "powers" do Jacob (and his foster-mom before him) have?  Some sort of magic immortality-bestowing touch, and the ability to "make it" so that Jacob and Smoky aren't "able" to kill each other... besides that what?
  • At what point did Jacob discover how to leave the island and make appearances in the world across the sea?  
  • Did Smoky finish his wheel system, only to discover that he couldn't leave that way because he had been disembodied by the cave? 
  • How on earth did Jacob beating Smoky bloody (twice) and then knocking him unconscious and dumping him down a "worse-then-death" pit of light NOT count as "hurting" him?  As we had earlier been informed that they couldn't hurt each other?  Seems like there's some double-standards in this "rule."
See what I mean?   All these questions, and the only real information we got out of it was:
  • The "Adam and Eve" skeletons aren't Jack and Kate (such a pity!  ;P).  They're Smoky-Dude and his murderous foster-mom.
  • Smoky became an Evil Being almost entirely due to bad luck and the manipulations of his foster-mom.  The only indication given that he wasn't "good" as a child was that he could lie and Jacob couldn't... but his mom still thought that he was going to be the one to guard the light instead of Jacob.  Evil here seems to be an acquired condition.
  • Smoky and Jacob are twin brothers.
  • Demi-gods and immortal beings have dysfunctional families too.
  • I think that's it. 
Anything I missed??  All I can say is... sheesh.  And only one more new episode before the finale!!  Anybody heard new theories on how it will end now that we know a little bit more about the backgrounds of Jacob and Smoky?  And do any of y'all feel any differently towards our twin pals after watching Across the Sea?  I think my feels remain more or less unchanged... I just sort of feel more sympathetic for everybody.  ;P


  1. I got the impression that Smokey didn't finish the donkey wheel. She knocked him out & filled in the well (hole, whatever) and burned his village.
    I love that they keep us all guessing as to where this is going.

  2. Hm. I don't think I can answer any of your questions! Here's what I've got though: Originally we were led to believe this is a battle of good (Jacob) vs. evil (Smoky). Assuming this was a trick, I figured that Smoky was actually good and Jacob evil.

    Jacob has spent his entire life (100s of yrs) protecting the island from people, keeping his brother there, and searching for a replacement but it seems like he doesn't know why he's doing any of it!

    Smoky has spent the same time just trying to figure out who he is and where he came from.

    After watching this episode, I think that neither are good or evil, just two confused kids.

  3. just more unanswered questions! I think that Lost is going to leave its fans really pissed off!

  4. I think I remembered Miles saying that up until the moment he died, Jacob was hoping he was wrong about Ben. I'm not sure if that means he wanted to die or not, but that's what I remember. Otherwise, I got nothing.

    I'm still enjoying the ride though -- hopefully I'll be happy with where it takes us!

  5. Did you notice that during the episode that Jacob always wore light colors and Little Smokey wore dark colors? Seems like the good and evil thing was determined at birth.

  6. Jacob said thank you to Ben when he killed him.

    Hugo is of Latino descent as was Claudia, and Ilana, wonder if they're all decedents some how?

  7. I believe Jacob and his foster mother both said thank-you to their murderers because the were relieved of the heavy burden of protecting the island. But Jacob hasn't found his replacement yet, so his spirit remains on the island guiding everyone through Hurley. Sometimes it's easy to pick up on the minute details..but the big picture is still hazy as ever!! You either love this show or hate it all to hell;)


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