Lost: The Candidate, aka, mourning the death of our friends as the tension grows...

Sheesh!  Last night turned out to be quite the emotional rollercoaster.  There was a great deal more poignancy and pain going on in this last episode of Lost then there has been since Ben told Ilana that he believed Smokey-Dude was the only one who would forgive him.  And I'm pretty sure that all of America would agree with me that the shot of the Kwan's hands drifting apart underwater was pretty much heart-wrenching even if you didn't know the story, and hadn't invested five years in their characters... which of course, we all had. :(

It does seem particularly unfair that after spending so much time getting back to each other, Sun and Jin would then proceed to die together within hours after their reunion.

The LA reality's version of Locke and his dad as guilt-ridden and comatose, respectively, is particularly fascinating...  how does that fit with Sawyer's search for Anthony Cooper?  I'm guessing Cooper is still a bad bad man, but Locke just doesn't know it?

 Other points of interest:
  • Whether or not Kate's name was written with the others on the roof of the cave has been a point of debate since we saw those names for the very first time.  Now we find out that it was there, but crossed out.  I'm so curious about what could have gotten her eliminated!  Though come to think of it, I had thought for a while that the cave could have been Smoky-Dude's list and not Jacob's (dark-cave vs light-house, remember?) so who knows.
  • Sayid wasn't completely evil after all!  I was so busy being happy about his heroic redemption, I barely remembered to be sad that he died.... oops.
  • So far, multiple people from Oceanic 316 have encountered one another in the LA reality without having regained memories of their island existence. I wonder what the trigger is then?  Some people on the message boards thought it was connected to the person you had loved on the island (Hurley and Libby, Charlie and Claire, Desmond and Penny) but how would that work then with, say, Rose and Bernard, or Jin and Sun, who already are living and loving together in the LA reality?
  • So... what IS Widmore's goal? Did he lock up Sawyer and the others to try to protect them from Smoky-Dude? Is his goal to see Jacob's successor emerge, or does he just want to kill Psuedo-Locke?  I guess a lot of that will become known once we find out what he wants with poor Desmond.
  • Ok y'all... what HAVE Ben and Richard been doing all this while?  I mean, besides working on their tans, which we know happens all the time on the island just by default...
  • This is just idle curiosity, but how was Psuedo-Locke going to try to kill all the candidates had Widmore not planted that bomb so conveniently?  ALSO, would the bomb have gone off had Sawyer listened to Jack and just let it be???
I'm definitely doubly invested in the idea of the island reality somehow meshing with the LA reality at the end of this season now!  I keep clinging to what the writers said in a podcast a while back about parallel universes colliding... fingers crossed that they come through for us!

Did I miss anything important??  Theories and opinions please!  :)


  1. I wonder how the 2 worlds would collide. I just can't seem to come up with a way to make that happen. I just have to say that i wish dancing with the stars were over b/c i can't watch every second of the show at 9 pm so i ennjoyed the recap of the previous one at 8.

  2. Love your point about Cooper! I hadn't thought about how he was viewed differently in the alternate reality.

  3. I didn't expect any deaths, but we were due. It was sad, but I think when the worlds collide they may be together. Yes where is Ben?

  4. After last episode's blood bath I think the 2 world's won't collide. I have a feeling that everyone on the Island with the possible exception of Jacob's replacement is going to buy it. I want to be wrong on this but I had a feeling that once they got Jin and Sun together that they'd kill one of the off. Killing off both of them just killed me. LOST is dead to me now.


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