Awesome New Deal Site "Jasmere"... aka, Organic Free-Trade Coffee Anyone??

When it comes to deal sites, Jasmere is one of the newest and coolest kids on the block, and if you're a fan of organic, free-trade coffee, you need to head over and meet her TODAY.

If you've heard me rave about Groupon then you'll figure out pretty quick what Jasmere is about... only with the added perk that the more people commit to buying that day's deal, the lower the price goes for everybody!  Jasmere focuses on online retailers, and so far I've seen them feature everything from Vive Sana Organic Sunscreen (oh yea, you better bet I bought that one... and yes, it's amazing stuff), to natural body products, to organic linens, to leather phone and laptop cases, and lots more!  Pretty much any "specialty online retailer" might be featured from day to day, but so far I'm loving all the organic/natural products I've seen.

Today's deal is for a sampler set (3 lbs of coffee total, but 6 types) of free-trade, organic coffee, from Grounds for Change.  It looks delicious.  The sampler includes:
  • Mexico Chiapas
  • Peru Cafe Feminino
  • Guatemala Forestal
  • Agate Pass Blend
  • Solstice Blend
  • Equinox Blend
There's a decaf sampler too but I'm a caffeine girl myself so if you're interested in that one you'll just need to hop over there for more info.  :P

Right now it's going for $18 (normal retail $40).  And if more people buy, the final price might be even less than that!  Even if coffee's not so much your thing, you might still want to sign up for Jasmere's daily alerts... odds are there will be something up your ally soon enough!

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