Life... the newly-married, hectic-grad-school, where-did-all-these-boxes-come-from way. :)

I can tell you, it's been a busy month.  Let's see... for one thing, I got married.  (Who, me?  Not ME!  Oh wait, totally me...)  The wedding was AWESOME!  Being married is AWESOMER.  I'll probably come up with some wedding-themed posts soon (not sure I"m ready for marriage-themed posts lol) but for now here's a picture to tide y'all over. Cue the 'Awwwwwww!'

O yea, my husband's a hottie.

Along those same lines, this month A Guy moved into my apartment (eek! hold on half a sec... circle-circle-dot-dot, now-I've-got-my-cootie-shot... ok now we're good).  It's kind of a stretch to call it "my" apartment, since I had only moved in myself two weeks before he did, but however you look at it we've been fairly busy trying to figure out how to live together.  Let me tell you, for being not very old or very well-off, we both seem to have accumulated a lot of STUFF.  And it all has to fit into this place somehow, hopefully without too much duplication or clutter.  So there's been a good deal of box-crushing/recycling and trips to the Goodwill Donation Center happening lately... and a ZILLION rides up and down the elevator laden with said stuff in the process.

Other events this month:  I finished my first semester of grad school (hurrah!) and started my second semester (ugh).  It's a summer mini-mester too, which means HEADACHES!!  And a lot of frantic highlighting as I try to plow through the assigned reading each night.  Presumably I'll make it through in one piece, but at the moment I'm not optimistic. 

OH!  And then LOST ended!  My obsession for the past two years, simply (poof!) gone.  With so much going on, I've barely even had time to process the finale... hopefully I'll be able to think it through and get a quick post together about it soon, just to provide myself with a sense of closure even if the rest of the world has already "moved on," haha!  But that means I just have to ask... are y'all filling the void with other shows, or has the space Lost used to fill simply dissipated into the surrounding busyness?  At the rate my life has been going lately it's kind of the latter for me, but there are lots of shows that have caught my eye so I'll be sure to keep the rest of the web posted on my discoveries when I finally have a moment to catch up on some of those.

So yea, to summarize... married! Mostly settled in with my new permanent roommate!  Surviving hectic grad school!  Mourning the lack of Lost!

What have the rest of you been up to lately?  Were the Lost withdrawals bad??  Have I missed any amazing web phenomenons lately, like a new type of twitter or a brand new way to Rick Roll?  Or has life mostly proceeded in a quiet and orderly fashion in my absence?  Do tell... I've missed my blog community greatly.  :)

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  1. Congrats on getting married and the continuation of grad school! Oddly enough, I have found that the more things you have to juggle, the better at time management you get AND you get so much more done. When I took some time off after my third child was born and I took a semester off from grad school, I got nothing done and could not seem to organize anything. I think when you know you have time to waste, you do. When you have deadlines, you plan ahead and even squeeze in the things you love.

    Sounds like you have had far more interesting things going on than what's been happening online! All the bloggers have been preoccupied with the end of the school year so you have not missed much! I'm looking forward to your music posts! BTW, beautiful picture!


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