Free Sample of Dr. Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom Face Serum!

Haha nothing like a free sample of something I actually use and like a lot to get me to post again!  Currently Origins is offering a free 1.5 ml sample of their Dr Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum.  And yes, the long name is probably an advertising technique to seem more compelling, but I have a bottle of the stuff in my bathroom so I can confirm that it is quite soothing and makes my skin seem extra glowy.  I pretty much have a weakness for all things Origins, so yay free samples to feed my addiction!!  ;P


  1. i like saying mega's cracking me up for some reason. I must need to go to bed.

  2. I will definitely be checking this out. I got a bottle of Origins face wash on Earth Day for turning in some empty plastic tubes for recycling. I really like it! I wondered if Mighty Morphin' Mega Mushroom juice really works or not. I guess I have my chance to find out.

    PS: Thanks for the EOS sample information. It my legs so soft and smooth.

  3. LOL y'all both make me laugh. :) And I'm totally going to call it Mighty Morphin' Mushroom Juice from now on.

    I'm glad you like the EOS! I'm a big fan of the shaving cream, and I love their weird little egg shaped lip balm too. SO much easier to find in my purse.

  4. it would be nice. I never tried "MEGA" mushroom. But I am sure it is good. But I saw kisatrtle comment so I am little nervous :(
    free samples by mail


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