Printable Coupons for Organic/Natural/Health Items: The Definitive List. ;P

Eating healthy, and even organic, doesn't have to break the bank!  Here's a quick recap of money-savers available currently:
(note: If you don't find these coupons using your zipcode at the prompt, try a few others... at times different things are offered regionally. I usually try: 30033, 92701, 75254, 02108, etc)

Mambo Sprouts:
Nasoya Soy and Tofu Products $1/1
Pure Organic bar $1/1
thinkThin bar .50/1
Organic Clif Kids bars 6 pack $1/1
Santa Cruz Organic Sparkling Beverages 4 pack $1/1

RW Knudson Organic Juice .75/1
Helios Organic Kefirs $1/2
and quite a few others, including several gluten-free products  
Hansen's Blue Sky Free soda six-pack $1/1 (all natural soda, sweetened with Truvia -- zip 92701)
Jamba All-Natural Smoothies (zip 92701)
Jamba Fruit Sorbet Bars $1/1 (zip 92701)
Huevos de Calidad eggs $1/1 (zip 92701)
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Grahams .75/1 (zip 90210)
LaCroix Sparkling Water 8- or 12-pack $1.25/1
Genesis Today Juices $1/1
Peace All-Natural Cereal $2/1 (zip 02018)
Newman's Own Salsa .75/1 (zip 02018)
Olivia's Organics Salad (zip 02018)
Nature's Own Specialty Bread  (zip 22222)
Weight Watchers Smart Ones $3/10
Wasa Crackers $1.50/2
Boulder Canyon all natural kettle chips $1/2 (we are ADDICTED to the Parmesan & Garlic)
Yoplait Greek Yogurt .30/1
Del Monte Ready-To-Blend Fruit Smoothie $1/1
Opti-free and Renu contact solutions $1/1
Smart Balance Milk $2/1 (zip 75254 -- this is a REALLY good coupon and probably won't be available for long)
Dole All Natural Salad Kit $1/1 (zip 75254, states redeemable at Kroger)
Beanitos Bean Chips $1/1 (zip 75254, states redeemable at Whole Foods)
Green Genius Biodegradable Trash Bags $2/1 (zip 75254 -- MAN I wish they carried these in GA!)
and lots more, including (for people with kids) Huggies Baby Wipes $2/1 and Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! DVDs $2/1.

Tanimura and Antle fresh produce products .55/1
Best Life Butter $1/1 (zip 92701)
Smart Balance Milk .75/1
Shady Brook Farms turkey sausage products $1/1 (zip 02108)
Newman's Own Salad Dressing .75/1
Carolina Gold Rice .50/1 (zip 02108)
Naturally Delicious salad dressing $1/1 (zip 02108)
Glenoaks Drinkable Yogurt $1/1 (rBGH free!, zip 75254)

Truvia natural sweetener $1/1
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze .55/1
Butterball Premium Turkey Franks .75/1
EOS Shave Cream $1/1 (all natural, paraben free.  My favorite!)
Gold and Plump All Natural Chicken $1/1 (zip 75254)
Fresh California Avacados $1.50/4 or $1.00/2 (zip 92701. omg we go through soo many avacados over here)
Fruit2Day smoothies $1/2
World's Best Cat Litter $3/1 (Sustainable & all-natural -- made from corn. Awesome stuff!)
Odwalla Superfood drinks $1/2
Mayfield Over the Moon Milk $1/1  (zip 02108) coupons:
Lean Cuisine $1/2
Total Plus Omega-3s Cereal .75/1
Fiber One Cereals .75/1

Other Good Stuff:
Del Monte fresh pineapple .50/1 (sweeeeeet coupon)
Scott's Naturals paper products $1/1
Coleman Natural and Organic meat products (take a survey, get $5 in coupons, link lower left)
Organic Valley (milk, eggs, butter, etc)
Stonyfield Yogurt and Dairy products (*heart*)
Muir Glen organic tomato products
Cascadian Farms organic products $1/1 
Near East Couscous $1/2
Simply Organic spices & baking products
Seventh Generation cleaning, laundry, baby, and feminine care products
Green Works Natural Laundry Detergent $3/1
Glucerna products $3/1 (diabetes management shakes, bars, cereal, etc)

Whole Foods coupons: 
(Keep in mind that these are store coupons, so you only can use them at Whole Foods or at a store that accepts competitor coupons. However, you *can* stack them with manufacturer's coupons, so it can turn things into a great deal really fast if you're lucky enough to be able to use them)

Tazo Zero Calorie Bottled Tea .50/1
Nasoya soy product $1/1 ("stack" with Mambo Sprouts coupon above)
So Delicious coconut milk $1/1
ThinkThin bar .50/1 ("stack" with Mambo Sprouts coupon above)
Naked Juice .75/1
Weleda Facial Care Product $2/1
Oikos Greek Yogurt $1/1
as well as lots of others.  

If you have trouble finding your favorite organic foods on sale at your local grocery store, it's well-worth keeping your eyes open for Organic manager's specials on Amazon.  Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot available at the moment, just organic raw chocolate powder and Health Valley organic chicken noodle soup, but usually there's a wide range of items on sale -- and if you're using swagbucks, pretty soon you'll probably have some spare cash to make the deals even better!

Keep me posted if y'all stumble across any good organic/natural/eco-friendly coupons that I haven't found yet!  :)

Note: Some of these are affiliate links. :)

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