Arrested Development... the action film???? aka, if a Unicorn Were a Movie, It Would Be the Arrested Development Movie

Paste Magazine made my day recently by posting this awesome mash-up of what the Arrested Development movie might look like... if it was actually an action flick.

Pro: It's really funny.
Con: It makes me really impatient to see the actual Arrested Development movie. Which, as any AD fan knows, is kind of this mythical thing that all of us hope will exist, but none of us ever really expect to see... but at the same time, we're wishing for it on every shooting star, wishbone, and otherwise lucky object we come in contact with.

So yeah, whether or not Arrested Development: The Awesome Movie will ever come to pass, we still have this spoof trailer to enjoy today!

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  1. I've never watched this show, but I may have to start - it looks hilarious!


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