MP3 Free Music Madness! 6 Free Downloads from Rachel Lampa, Seabirds, The Wellspring, and others!

To be perfectly honest, before today I didn't even know what a Brueggers was... (it's apparently a bagel shop franchise?) but I'm definitely not going to let that stand in the way between me and free music!  Right now if you "like" Brueggers on facebook, you can not only download 6 free songs, you can also get a coupon for a free lemonade cooler while you're at it too!  Obviously that last part only benefits people who know what a Brueggers is and where to find one, but the first part can benefit us all.  The downloads include:

Seabird -- "Don't You Know You're Beautiful"
Rachel Lampa -- "Avalanche"
The Almost -- "Hands"
Jaymes Reunion -- "Fine"
The Letter Black -- "Hanging on by a Thread"
The Wellspring -- "Put Up a Fight"

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