Seismic Shifts in the World of Boredom Devastation...

I've been procrastinating on this for far too long, but the time has come to woman-up and deal with it.

Friends, I'm going to split my blog into two.  I had figured that whatever devastated my boredom would also devastate the boredom of the world at large... but I need to face the fact that that probably isn't entirely true.

So, Devastate Boredom will remain here, a haven of joyous free music, internet frivolity, TV reviews (yes, I'm capable of talking about a show other than Lost, believe it or not...), random samples and free odds-and-ends to delight your mailbox, and whatever else entertaining flotsam and jetsam catches my eye.

For updates on healthy coupons and deals, cooking adventures, efforts to darken my shade of green, and escapades in balcony gardening, as well as philosophical musings and other posts of a more personal nature, you'll have to visit my shiny new blog Capturing Charisma.

By dividing my interests thus, I hope to do a much better job maintaining an environment here that truly devastates boredom, without sacrificing my desire to appraise the world at large of my other interests.

(It makes sense in my head anyhow.)

To conclude:  if you like my posts about avant guarde domestication, and edgy urban self-actualization, please don't miss out on a single one!  Click here for updates via email, or hop right over to Capturing Charisma and sign up for updates via a feed reader.  I will do my best to make sure you're glad you did.  :)

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  1. Ooooo, you are now sharing TWICE as much of your awesomeness with us...sweet! :D


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