Free Music Madness -- 50 free downloads from Urban Outfitters! Arcade Fire, The Clientele, and more!

Is the download you're looking for no longer available?  :(  Free-and-legal tracks are often offered only temporarily, so I'm sorry if you have missed the window for this one.  Look to the right to subscribe via email, feed reader, blogloving, twitter, etc, and I'll make sure that you never miss out on free music again!

Urban Outfitters has two playlists available for free download right now -- LSTN #10, available until Oct 31st, and LSTN #11, available until December 31st.

The newest, LSTN #11, is super exciting because it includes awesome tracks from Arcade Fire and The Clientele, both of whom I like a lot, but all in all it's 50 free downloads, so you should be able to find something awesome. The bands include Deerhunter, Pavement, Of Montreal, and Broken Social Scene, among a ton of others.

Let me know if you come across a new (or old) favorite!  :)

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