iTunes Weekly Free Media... Bostich+Fussible, Dondria, country music video controversy, and free TV!

For free music this week you'll find:

The Gracious Few --"Closer" (Straight rock.  If you liked the 90's rock groups Live and Candlebox you'll be psyched about this one, because members of both bands have gotten together to form The Gracious Few.)
Dondria -- "No More" (Gospel-tinged R&B.  Smooth and catchy... plus, they were discovered on YouTube.  Gotta love it!)
Billy Currington -- "Pretty Good at Drinking Beer" (This country music video generated LOTS of controversy on the comments wall... some people love it and for others it apparently single-handedly ruined the country genre.  All I'm going to say is... the video features beer pong.  React as you will.)
Bostich + Fussible -- "I Count the Ways"  (This is the Cancion de la Semana, but its in English, and awesome.  Upbeat, alto vocalist, and there's.a.tuba.  This one gets the coveted Devastate Boredom Seal of Approval.)

For free TV this week you can snag full episodes of TLC's reality bridal show Four Weddings, the premiere of Disney XD's A Pair of Kings, and the pilot episode of Terriers, a new FX detective show from the producer of Ocean's Eleven.

 These selections will be available until Tuesday. Go download!

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