Daily Deal Sites Totally Worth Knowing: Eversave & Jasmere in tha HOUSE!

First, there was Woot, daily bringing wacky, geeky, and otherwise random items to our computer screen at a  huge discount.  Other sites tried to use the daily deal format with some success, but the whole thing didn't really explode into our social consciousness until Groupon came along. I've been raving about how much I adore Groupon for the last year or so, and it would seem that the rest of the world loves it too, given the site's status as the fastest growing company ever.  Now there are daily deal sites popping up everywhere, but don't just write them off as wannabes... there are several really great ones!  My two newest favorites are Eversave and Jasmere.  I have to love these two in particular because several times now I've been able to snag really fabulous organic/natural, eco-friendly, and/or fair trade items at a big discount.  Going green can be expensive yo!  And both these sites have been really helpful in mitigating some of that money-pain.

Right now Eversave is featuring half off organic babywear from Funkoos, as well as a bonus deal on designer lotions and body products, and another on chic gift items.  The other fun thing about Eversave is that when you sign up for their email list you get an automatic $5 credit, so your first save will be that much better!  My favorite thing that I've bought from them so far was half off organic body products at Anthology... a site that I'd say is half Origins and half Ecco Bella, and all of it wayyy more affordable than either lol.  I wish I could have posted about Eversave while that deal was being offered, but the bummer with daily deals is that it's so hard to spread the word while it's still available... so I'm trying to make up for it by spreading the news about the site and letting you keep your eyes open on your own.  ;P

Jasmere is another favorite of mine, and what's even better, this month they're featuring all Fair Trade companies!  Today's feature is a site called Dsenyo, with super cute eco-friendly bags and totes that support community projects in Malawi.  The other cool thing about Jasmere is that the more people who buy it, the more the price drops for everyone... so the price can start at half off, and end up wayyy lower by the time the deal closes.

So yeah, head's up on these deal sites!  They're really helped me out with greening my house and beauty routine on a budget, and as Christmas approaches they're usually even handier as awesome, unique gift ideas that don't break the bank.  They're well worth checking out.  :)

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