Free-and-legal download from Amber Rubarth!

Is the download you're looking for no longer available?  :(  Free-and-legal tracks are often offered only temporarily, so I'm sorry if you have missed the window for this one.  Look to the right to subscribe via email, feed reader, blogloving, twitter, etc, and I'll make sure that you never miss out on free music again!

Now through the 31st you can get a free download of "A Full Moon in Paris" by singer/songwriter Amber Rubarth, courtesy of ZonePerfect protein bars.  If you like the bars, I think they're still giving away coupons to try their newest flavor free, so click Free Bar to check that out while you're over there too.

I wasn't familiar with this artist previously, but she has a smooth, mellow sound that's very enjoyable.  You can check Amber out on Amazon or her site if you want to hear more.

And guess what I just found!  On her site, there's another free download when you sign up for her newsletter, a track entitled "Edge of My Seat." 

Double free music fun!

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