Par-tay in Your Mailbox: Food Should Taste Good chips and Yogi Tea!

Yayyy more of my favorite stuff for free!  I love it when this happens hehe.

Right now if you "like" Food Should Taste Good on facebook, they'll send you a coupon for a free bag!  These really are good chips - there are a couple bags in our pantry right now.  Awesome freebie!

This next one has been around for a while, but since I love this tea I thought I'd mention it again.  If you go to the Yogi Tea website you can send an e-card "Well Wish" to a friend (or yourself, lol) and after the person receives it they can pick a "duo" of Yogi teas that they'd like to receive in the mail to try.  Yogi Tea is awesome;  they have a large variety of flavors, and use predominately organic ingredients.  Brighten somebody's day (or your own, haha) with a sample!

Enjoy the party in your mailbox!  I know I will.  ;)

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