Par-tay in Your Mailbox: Kashi snacks and True Lime samples!

I love getting stuff in the mail (remind me to tell you about my childhood pen pal addiction sometime), and when that stuff is samples of products I already like it's even better!  Here are a couple of good ones:

Right now you can pledge to "swap in" one of your normal junk food choices for a healthier option at the Kashi Snack Drive, and receive your choice of a free TLC Ripe Strawberry Cereal Bar or the TLC Original 7 Grain Crackers.  Now if only they'd send me samples of their Oatmeal Dark Chocolate TLC cookies...  YUM.

  • (side note regarding Kashi -- when you sign up for a sample, you'll be given the option of joining the Kashi Community.  If you do sign up for the Kashi Community, make sure to go into your profile and check the box to be part of the Taste Tester Panel!  They send out more free samples to their Taste Testers when they introduce new products)

You can also request free samples of True Lemon / True Lime / True Orange -- crystallized, granulated fruit that you can add to any drink from water to soda.  I'm not much on lemon in my water, but I LOVE the occasional Diet Coke and lime, which makes these packets a great little addition to my purse.  Try it for yourself!

Enjoy the party in your mailbox!

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