Free Music Madness, 13 "Indie" Tracks Edition. aka, yayy War Tapes, Two Loons For Tea, Abra Moore, and more!

As a genre, "indie" is fuzzy at best, and usually translates to "a little of whatever we felt like, with a smattering of folk or world influences, and/or a really distinctive (read: odd) vocalist."   Be that as it may, here are two self-described "indie" samplers from the label Sarathan.

On the first, Sarathan Records Indie Sampler, you'll find tracks from War Tapes, Sensation Junkies, Thunder Buffalo, and Two Loons for Tea, among others.

On the second, Sarathan Records Sunset Sampler, you'll find tracks from Abra Moore, Lisbeth Scott, Christopher Blue, and others.

This stuff is right up my ally... hopefully you'll like it too!  :)

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