Free Music Madness: NON-Christmas music edition. Jupither, Tikkle Me, Bedroom Eyes, and more!

If Christmas music isn't your style, rest assured that I'll do my best to keep up with non-seasonal free downloads too! Currently available is a free sampler from the label A Westside Fabrication, featuring 5 MP3s from Jupither, Breather, Tikkle Me, Bedroom Eyes, and Penniless. I hadn't heard of any of these groups before now, but I especially like the tracks from Tikkle Me and Bedroom Eyes. Catchy and fun!

There's also a free track available off of Elephant Revival's album Break in the Clouds. This band's style is described as transcendent folk, which I can't help but find intriguing. From what I've heard of them, I highly recommend for fans of Josh Ritter, and maybe Owl City.  And saying that is basically an endorsement, since I love both of them.  :P  I look forward to hearing more from this group.

Happy downloading!

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