Free Music Madness NON-Christmas music edition: Agent Ribbons, Birthday Massacre, and lots more!

For those who don't celebrate Christmas, or consider themselves to be the bah-humbuggy-est of Grinchs, I have some non-holiday music to highlight today:  the Nail Winter Sampler 2010.  And it's a good one!  You'll find tracks from Agent Ribbons, The Growlers, Mugstar, The Birthday Massacre, Stereo is a Lie, Jen Wood, Watchmen, Diwon, Lo-Pan, and Deadbeats.  None of whom I had heard of before today, but I'm quite pleased to have made their acquaintance just the same.

My favorite is "I'm Alright" from Agent Ribbons (it has an oldies feel that I just can't help but go for), but there's a pretty good variety of styles on the sampler so click around and see what strikes your fancy!

PS  Just one thing... the Watchmen track?  Um yeah, possibly not safe for work.

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