Free Music Madness: NON-Christmas music edition, 2 downloads of your choice from emusic!

Ooh, I have a good one for those of you who like some flexibility in your free downloading!  Just "like" the Schick Intuition facebook page, and you'll receive two free emusic download codes.  You do have to sign up for an emusic account though, if you don't already have one... but there's a perk to that too!  Once you're signed up for an emusic account, you'll be able to check out their free download page!  There is a TON.  Music from 142 albums, to be precise.  So yeah, if you're bored, this is a great one for killing some time.  ;P

A note about emusic -- they're a subscription service, but offer pretty good trial incentives usually if you just want to check them out.  Their prices are generally considerably lower than iTunes;  a classic Christmas album from Petula Clark costs $7.99 on iTunes, but will only run you $3.92 on emusic.  A great site to consider if you still pay for a lot of downloads! 

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