Challenge Yourself to Devastate Boredom! aka, New Years' Resolutions are Just Goals in Fancy Clothes...

All right, after having been on a bit of a blogging hiatus there over the holidays, I return to my keyboard more or less perforce...  My husband and I have been stuck in our apartment for the last 48 hours due to the "Snowpocalypse" currently holding Atlanta hostage, and I'm in desperate need of a little boredom-devastation.  What better way to devastate boredom then to challenge myself with some new goals for 2011?  (That, and I'm succumbing to peer pressure, since my good friend Samantha over at Whatchya Doing, Momma? just posted about her New Years resolutions and now I want to get in on the fun too.  Hi Sam!  :wave:)

Thus far, my oh-so-prosaic resolutions had been to exercise, and floss.  I'm keeping track of both on a calender (Yes, the flossing too, I am SUCH a dork.  Blame my dental-hygienist mother...  ;P).  My husband and I have been working out together, and he's been writing down the time he spends exercising too, so a bit of a competition has developed.  Neither one of us wants to fall behind the other, which results in the surreptitious addition of time on the ellipticals in the work-out room (beep. beep. beep. "I HEARD THAT!!") and debates about whether yoga-stretching should be included on the calender as well (I maintain that it should).  All that aside, I resolve to work out 4-5 times a week.

I also resolve... to get enough sleep.  This one is going to be hard, since I just started student teaching and the whole early-to-rise thing is whipping my butt.  I'm exhausted by nine.  Now I just need to work on being in bed shortly thereafter, and my whole mental outlook will no doubt improve. (When I'm tired I get very existential very fast.)

I resolve... to be a better friend.  I'm terrible at keeping up with the people I care about, and its only gotten worse over the last year.  Unacceptable.

I resolve... to keep up with my piles.  I have attention deficit disorder, hence I pile.  Everything.  Quite orderly piles too, or at least they are until my cats knock them over or I shuffle through them a bit too carelessly in search of whatever I've misplaced at that  moment.  I will file.  I will sort.  I will recycle what I don't need, and I'll make the rest manageable.  

I'm afraid of resolving too much, since I'm already stressed out going into this semester due to the whole student-teaching, capstone-seminar, looking-for-a-job thing, but I'll end with one I stole from Samantha:

 I resolve... to read more and watch TV less.  Hopefully this one will also help with the sleeping resolution, since the artificial light of screens is reputed to be less-than restful, and I have trouble falling asleep when I'm already anxious anyway.  I'll also probably try to do some green resolutions too, like I did in 2009, but I'll tackle those later.  I'll definitely be checking back in here to periodically (I'd say monthly, but let's just be honest, "periodically" is probably going to be closer to the truth) to keep an eye on the progress of my resolutions... gotta make the most of the anonymous cyber accountability I've created by posting them in the first place!  ;P

What about you?  Got any goals for 2011 that you feel like dressing up and naming Resolutions??


  1. no real specific resolutions but i am starting fresh on a challenge in ea sports active 2 and am planning not to fall 3 weeks behind this time.

  2. :waves back: Ok, so now I know why we are friends after reading about your flossing calendar...kindred spirits! I need to call you, which will help out with one of your resolutions, you're welcome! If you don't answer, I'll figure you are on that elliptical showing him up ;)


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