Free Music Madness: New Josh Ritter MP3!

Is the download you're looking for no longer available?  :(  Free-and-legal tracks are often offered only temporarily, so I'm sorry if you have missed the window for this one.  Look to the right to subscribe via email, feed reader, blogloving, twitter, etc, and I'll make sure that you never miss out on free music again!

Did you wonder where I'd gone?  I'm still here, juggling the various aspects of life.  This student teaching gig takes work, I can tell you that.  However...  free music!  Yay!

I rave about Josh Ritter regularly enough that I imagine some of you will start to recognize his name even if you didn't know of him previously... but I hope you did!  He's a really fabulous singer/songwriter, and crafts his lyrics beautifully.

You can currently get a free download of the Wallpaper remix of his song "The Remnant" over on the Filter website.  Obviously, since it's a remix it's not quite the typical Josh Ritter sound, but its very worth snagging and adding to your collection.  Enjoy!  :)

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