A Day in the Life Of Me (aka, why should babies be the only ones whose lives are documented?)

Lately I've been trying to catch on up literally *years* of neglected scrapbooking.  I'm not the super artsy type of scrapbooker who spends hours meticulously cutting out and arranging photos in a frame-worthy composition (though I do have the scissors that cut those fancy little designs), but I enjoy having one central, ordered, and maybe even visually appealing place for photos, written memories, and bits of paper memorabilia.  My scrapbooking over the last few days has made me profoundly grateful for the people in my life and good memories I've accumulated;  I'm very blessed.

I've also been contemplating how my friends with babies are constantly documenting their lives, and how over the past few years I've hardly taken any photos at all.  In fact, due to this dearth of recent pictures, once I finish scrapbooking my camera-happy college experiences, my wedding will be almost the only thing left to memorialize... and amazing as it was, it's hardly been the only scrapbook-worthy memory of the past four years!

As a result, I resolved to be more deliberate about documenting my life. Unfortunately, I made this resolution rather late in the day yesterday, and I figured that nothing very document-able was likely to happen before bedtime.  Until I noticed how very pretty the peppers going into our dinner were... and so of course, I had to take a picture.

And once I took a picture of the peppers, why, it only made sense to take a picture of the curry I made with them...

For anyone confused, no, you do not make curry in a baking dish, but its a good place to store leftovers.

I used the oh-so-delicious Real Simple Curry-Coconut Sauce recipe, which I highly recommend... The rest of the stir-fry recipe also sounds delicious, but since I neither used meat nor any of the vegetables they mentioned, and I DID take the liberty of using lots of other vegetables and couscous instead, you can kind of take it or leave it as you want.

The sauce is the thing.

And while I was making that delicious dinner, chopping up the vegetables reminded me of a Ready Made magazine article about "homemade" cosmetics, in which the authors suggested kissing a beet as a stand-in for lipstick.  I'm a very literal person, and couldn't quite tell whether the writers were kidding or not, so I figured this was as good a time as any to give it a try.

So I kissed that beet.

(several times, for maximum effect)

This desire to suddenly lavish affection on vegetables wasn't merely motivated by my fervent love for them, but also by a report I read recently from the Canadian Environmental Defense group, in which they tested 49 different cosmetics and discovered lead, mercury, and/or other heavy metals in every.single.one.  American ladies, don't breath that sigh of relief quite yet because they weren't strictly Canadian cosmetics.. they were everything from L'Oreal to Benefit to Physician's Formula.

Care to join me in kissing beets?

Lastly, I discovered an adorably grumpy kitten snoozing in my dresser drawer, and while I wouldn't normally volunteer the locale for a cat-nap, it was definitely photo-worthy.

My life is apparently quite document-able after all.

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