I Kissed a Beet and I Liked it... with before and after photos! Beet DIY Natural Lipstick!

Last week I mentioned my little romantic adventure with a beet, as well as how it was motivated by a Canadian Defense Group study on heavy metals commonly found in every.single.cosmetic.tested.  (Problematic?  Hell yes.)

However, I failed to take a "before" picture prior to smooching my vegetable friend, so it was hard to tell just how efficacious our little encounter really was.  I decided to remedy this today.

The "Before":

The "After":

So, a definite effect, but not a dramatic one.  More of a subtle "What? I always look this good..." look then a dramatic "out on the town or off to a business meeting, I haven't decided yet" look.

A commenter on the "MacGyver Your Makeup" post on ReadyMade suggests mixing beet powder (which apparently people take as a supplement?) with vegetable glycerin to create an actual lipstain, so I'll need to try that soon too.

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