iTunes Tuesday: Free-and-Legal Downloads from We Are Augustines, Artic Monkeys, Portugal. The Man, and lots of free TV!

Is the download you're looking for no longer available?  :(  Free-and-legal tracks are often offered only temporarily, so I'm sorry if you have missed the window for this one.  Look to the right to subscribe via email, feed reader, blogloving, twitter, etc, and I'll make sure that you never miss out on free music again!

I think my favorite thing about the iTunes free downloads this week is the entertaining group names... I mean seriously, check it out:

"Headlong into the Abyss" -- We are Augustines
"Morning Thought" -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (no typo there, I swear)
"Got it All" -- Portugal. The Man
"Don't Sit Down Because I've Moved Your Chair" -- Artic Monkeys

I would say that these four tracks more or less cover the spectrum of "rock"... nothing spectacularly exciting, but still worth downloading.

You can also download full episodes of:
Franklin and Bash (new TNT lawyer show)
Switched at Birth (ABC family... becha can't guess what it's about)
The Glades (A&E homicide/detective show set in a resort town in Florida)
Locked Up Abroad (National Geographic show about people who get arrested/imprisoned while traveling.  Um, YIKES)
Ice Road Truckers (History channel show about... ice road truckers.  Sorry to all the die-hard fans out there, but how is there episode after episode of this show?  As I understand it, its about big trucks sliding around on bad roads.  Again, and again, and again.)
Teen Wolf (I guess we should have seen this coming, what with the whole Edward vs Jacob thing.   Now we have a teen werewolf show to balance out Vampire Diaries, courtesy of MTV.  At least they seem to have no pretenses about the situation...)

There's a lot of other TV episodes if you click "Show All", including Life According to Paris, Single Ladies, Haunted Collector, and Love Bites, but you'll just have to go check those out for yourself.

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