iTunes Tuesday: Free-and-Legal Downloads from Ledisi, Matt Nathanson, Milos Karadaglic, Liam Finn and more!

Is the download you're looking for no longer available?  :(  Free-and-legal tracks are often offered only temporarily, so I'm sorry if you have missed the window for this one.  Look to the right to subscribe via email, feed reader, blogloving, twitter, etc, and I'll make sure that you never miss out on free music again!

It's a pretty good week for free music on iTunes!  You will find:

"So Into You" -- Ledisi (sexy soul... love it.)
"Pressure and Time" -- Rival Sons (a "maximum R&B quartet".  Commenters describe the track as "raw" and "rockin'" and I'd agree with both.)
"Suite Espanola" -- Milos Karadaglic (They had me at "classical guitar."  Awesome track!)
"Cold Feet" -- Liam Finn (retro singer/songwriter vibe)
"Mercy" -- Matt Nathanson (Rocky pop.  And handclaps!)
"Conejo en el Sombrero" -- La Gusana Ciega (good song, that takes you on a journey through some awesome musical transitions)
"Moonlight Equilibrium" -- The Black Dahlia Murder (all right heavy metal fans, get your clicking finger ready, this one is for you!)

There's also some new free TV, including:
The Nine Lives of Chloe King (err... blond catwoman?)
Toddlers and Tiaras (please watch this for how NOT to raise your children... but then hey, beauty pageants in general weird me out, let alone ones for the under-5 age group)
Happily Divorced (confused... where's the drama there?  Is this like a New Adventures of Old Christine thing?)
Night Raid: 1931 (Yay anime!)


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