Monday MP3 Madness: Free-and-Legal Downloads from Mindi Abair and Nathan Pacheco

Ok, for some reason Campbell's Soup "Labels for Education" likes to give away free music -- I think I posted back a while ago about the downloads they had available (music from Kate & Kacey and Crosby Loggins, still available btw) but they have a couple new ones now:

"L'Esprit Nouveau" from Mindi Abair
"Tribute" from Nathan Pacheco

Somewhat confusingly, the Mindi Abair download is an almost entirely instrumental, jazzy saxophone piece.  The Nathan Pacheco download is actually really cool, a solo vocalist piece in Italian with an orchestra behind (I might be wrong about it being Italian... and honestly it might not be a full orchestra, but that's the impression it gives), so if you like that kind of thing totally pick it up.  Nathan Pacheco's song also might have something to do with Yanni, because once you get the Mp3 into your player the label is "Yanni/Nathan Pacheco" so maybe its... a tribute to Yanni?  Sheesh Labels for Education, way to be cryptic with your free downloads here...


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