Quick! Pay $5 for $20 Worth of Digital Downloads!

For my music-loving friends out there (and who doesn't like some kind of music, be it ever so specific), you should totally check out the daily deal site plum district.  Today through Monday their "everywhere" deal is $10 for 20 song downloads from Hip Digital Music Store... and better yet, there's currently a coupon code available for $5 off at plum district, so you're overall cost is just $5 for 20 downloads.  SWEET DEAL!

Check it out -- they have downloads from literally EVERY genre and popular artist, with a full catalogue of over 3 million mp3s.  If you decide you want the deal, sign up with plum district and use the coupon code 'winwin' (which should be good for $5 off any purchase through July 13th).  Then buy the deal and download away!  :)

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