Back, and better than ever! Oh the glories that are to come...!

Oh man... it's been so long since I've posted that my blogger template somehow went bad and disappeared, leaving me very un-cute and un-formatted... is that even possible?  If that's not possible than the person who designed my template for me took it down, or had it set to expire somehow... not cool, designer-person, not cool!  *quickly scrambling to slap up a half-decent background*

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!  I was saying that in an Oprah voice, like, "And you are allllllllll winnnnnnnners!" only I recognize that my "I'm back" is much less exciting than her, "you've won something awesome!"  Sorry about that... if you stick around I promise to post some cool giveaway in the near future!  And since probably very few people are still reading this, your odds are VERY good.  ;P

Here's the scoop on my mysterious disappearance...  I got married!  I went to grad school!  I left my devastatingly boring office job to be the most fabulous Kindergarten teacher in the history of playdough, picture books, and learning to use your words when you're upset!  I moved three times within my home city of Atlanta!  I got a dog!  I moved to Texas!

That last exclamation mark is more a note of horrified shock than excitement, I'm afraid.  Not that there's anything wrong with Texas (*dubious side-eyes at self*) but it's my first big move out of Atlanta.  Yep, I spent 30 years of my life living ITP (inside-the-perimeter for the uninitiated, poor you) -- I didn't even go away to college.  Yay Emory!  Go Eagles?  Or wait, Swoop?  When I was a student there we were taught to show school spirit through intense apathy...  But hey, I may not know what our mascot is, but undefeated football since the 1800s!

I have ADHD.  Hang on...

Right, Texas.  I've suddenly been transplanted to a new state, new city, new region, new time zone... and the first few weeks were awful.  It's gotten a lot better, and I'll write about all that more later, but for the first time in a long time I am unemployed.  I've been focusing a lot on writing since we moved (made it over 100 pages on my first draft of my first novel! *bats eyelashes*) and plan on doing some tutoring once school starts (anybody need a phenomenal reading tutor in Dallas?) but I do still have some free time and plan on firing this blog back up.  Plus, I'm lonely, and internet-human-contact is still usually more interesting than talking to myself all day.

Here's what I'm thinking...

Monday MP3 Madness! (free and legal downloads!)
Friday Frivolity! (funny stuff to make you chuckle!)
Pinterest success / fail posts!  (oh heck yeah, this is going to be good...)
Book and Movie Reviews!  Boardgame reviews!  (want to come over for a game night?)
Posts about dog stuff! and cat stuff!  (my new puppy is amazing btw)
Posts about living green and simplicity living / minimalism (my newest obsession!)
Posts about fashion!  (not saying mine is amazing, but I'm good at laughing at other people's!)
Guest posts from awesome folks!  (let me know if you want to get in on that...)
Yoga!  (now I'm just naming stuff I love..)
Other stuff I love!

If you're subscribed already, please don't leave!  I'm lonely and living in a new state!  *pathetic face*  Leave me nice comments!  And if you're new and decide to subscribe it will make me SO happy...  I will try to make your inbox a livelier place to be, with a hodgepodge of all that is fun and entertaining.

Pinky promise!  :)  Stay posted...


  1. This was a nice little suprise in my inbox this morning :) I'm bummed you moved to Texas though! Hope you're doing well... miss you!

  2. Wow! You went big! Congrats on the marriage and graduating!! Sorry about the Texas thing. :(
    So glad I found you after you had ramped back up!


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