Passive Aggressive Debate Response... Washing Dishes by Hand is Dumb! And Bad for the Environment!

I'm usually too conflict-avoidant to debate much in person -- if I argue with you face-to-face I must really feel strongly about whatever clearly questionable assertion you've just made -- and lately I've had a couple of different friends/acquaintances claim that the prefer to wash dishes by hand, and that it is more energy- and water-efficient to do so than to use a dishwasher.  Um, seriously?  What is this, Middle Earth?  Here is my internet-response to that (ridiculous!) claim.  ;)  And let me just say, I'm incredibly relieved to have proof that dishwashers are more green, mostly because my family washed dishes by hand (of necessity) the whole of my growing up years and it's basically the chore equivalent of the song that doesn't end... it just keeps on going, day after day, driving you crazier and crazier by degrees...........

(awwwww Lamb Chop!)
(Yes, that video WILL keep going for 10 hours if you let it...)
In case you want actual facts about dishwashing vs handwashing, and are not swayed by my personal anecdotes and hilarious off-topic youtube videos -- according to HuffPost's expert on the topic, you would have to be able to wash a full place setting for eight people in only two minutes to use less water than a dishwasher.  If you can do that, please send me a video of it so I can be suitably impressed...!  Or maybe try this? 

In addition to the amount of water in question, there is also the energy that it takes to heat that water, since nobody's washing dishes in cold water... but get this, the heated water we DO use is pretty much just keeping our hands comfortable while washing, because it isn't hot enough to kill all that energy is running down the drain for no real purpose.  But hey, the germs left on your dishes after handwashing might mean your kids will have fewer allergies when they grow up, so you can call that a pro!

Conclusion, not only are dishwashers more energy- and water-efficient, they're also healthier.  Unless you're in the "leave germs on those plates so my kids have fewer allergies" camp.

Another quick note -- while you may want to wipe or quick rinse actual debris off of your dishes so your dishwasher isn't swooshing around huge chunks of food as it cleans, in general everything we just said about handwashing dishes goes for rinsing too... it wastes water and energy, plus it is unnecessary and just creates another step for yourself.  Just stick 'em in there dirty, that's kinda the whole point, right?  Unless of course you care to let your dog help you out...

Dishwashers now having been officially endorsed by me, you may carry on using them with a glow of environmentally-friendly pride.  You're welcome!

*  I just know that some reader is going to get offended, because of the joyful relaxation he or she derives from lovingly handwashing dishes.... I would argue that you would get equal or more joyful relaxation from taking a nap or doing yoga.  Here, check out some of my favorite yoga... perfect for stress-relief, building flexibility, and improving sleep.  Try it, you'll like it!

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  1. Washing dishes by hand is awwwwful. The Lamb Chops reference was totally on point. I find naps much more zen than housecleaning anyway. And now that I know it's not as sanitary, I'll just let the dishwasher handle it! Some things are too big though, I guess Liz will have to get her allergy antibodies from the baking sheets & pans.

  2. The song that never ends- so apropos!!
    Leaving germs on the plate- haha!
    Naps rock!

  3. I'd use one if I had it. I used it when I did. Anything not to stick my hands in water!


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