Friday Frivolity: Fashion Flubs! The Exploded Red Velvet Cake, the Toilet Paper Dress, the Patio Cushion Dress, and so much more!

Friday is here, and what is more frivolous than fashion flubs?

All I can think as I look at this picture, is that it appears Blake Lively had the unfortunate experience of a Red Velvet Cake exploding all over her... and instead of going to take a shower like a normal human being, thought, "Oh heck yeah, I can pull this off!"  And based on Elle Magazine's comment that she looked "red hot," I might be the only one she didn't fool....  

Toilet paper wedding dresses as a bridal shower tradition are one thing... but wearing it to a red carpet event after?  

I wonder if they sell furniture with this design?  I would totally buy a nice patio cushion covered in this fabric...

And does this scream "The Jetsons" to anybody else?

The Unfinished Dress - the dressmaker rushed up to Jen in extreme distress.  "But it isn't ready!" she cried out.  "The earthquake combined with the plague of brain-eating zombies prevented me from finishing it!  Forgive me, oh lovely one, but you'll have to wear something else!"  And JLaw, being JLaw, went, "Oh hey, no worries honey.  It looks finished to me."
(I really need to try to find a picture of this dress from behind... what is going on back there with that little tail flap?)

Tastes differing as they do, I know people out there are sure to be going (for one or more of these ensembles) "why is she making fun of that dress?  It's FANTASTIC..." so be sure to tell me which ones you love, and which ones you wouldn't be caught dead in.  I think the Unfinished Dress is my least favorite, just because I so want to go start gluing more sequins on it... not OCD AT ALL over here.  

Have a great weekend!  

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  1. Oh, hahahaha, now my tummy hurts from laughing so hard, Sarah Eliza!! Your comments are so hilarious- and dead on!! I wouldn't be caught dead in any of them! (But I might try to lick the Red Velvet Cake one, if I ever got close...)
    Thanks for the Miss Congeniality Prize! That was so unexpected, and wonderful! A special tribute post coming soon!
    And, you'll notice I made sure to get here EARLY today! ;)

    1. Haha it does look rather tasty, doesn't it?? ;P

      You totally deserved the shout-out! Thank you for linking up with me!!

  2. I'm on the floor laughing. The flap of the dress will haunt me forever!!

  3. Oh dear... Especially loved the comments on the toilet paper wedding dresses. Hehe. Though I do have a bit of a soft spot for 'the Jetstons' dress. I'd feel like I was on the set of an 80s sci-fi movie :)

  4. the flowers and lace are still burning my eyeballs - it does make you wonder what they were thinking when there are so many beautiful dresses for them to choose from.


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