TODAY ONLY - Flash Sale at Summerskin! (Not Really a Post, Just a, "Oh hey! Look!!") Stylish UPF/SPF clothing!

If you have been around here for very long you probably know that:

1) I am intensely sun-phobic -- the natural result of a) an OCD personality, b) very pale burn-able skin, and c) an early skin cancer diagnosis / removal when I was just barely in my 20s.  No, it was not melanoma thank God!  But they had to go back and remove more, I had to have stitches, etc, and it thoroughly scared young, impressionable me.

2) I am a huge fan of the UPF (fabric SPF) clothing line Summerskin.  It is a) a super cute and stylish clothing line of clothing, b) founded and owned by a woman -- go go female entrepreneurship!, and c) naturally designed to have a UPF (usually of 50, which is a very high level of protection), which means less time and annoyance struggling with sunscreen.  

(can you tell I'm in a list-making mood?  :P)

If you didn't already know all that, and you're curious about it, feel free to check out my post about sun protection, sun damage, and my struggles with conventional vs natural sunscreen, and my recent post reviewing (/raving about) Summerskin's maxi, which I contend is the PERFECT travel dress.

The PERFECT Travel Dress - Summerskin's Stylish SPF / UPF Maxi - via Devastate Boredom

Given those two facts about myself, I just had to let y'all know that Summerskin is having a weekly Wednesday Steal feature, with items at half off!!  The magic coupon code is "WEEKLY50" and this week features hoodies and pullovers:

....which I think is pretty much the prettiest "hoodie" I've ever seen.  Does that really qualify as a hoodie guys?  Way more tailored than any hoodie I've ever worn....  

....and these raglan pullovers, which I've been secretly in love with for a while now...

So cute!

They not only look super comfy, but I love how the colors are rich without being oversaturated, and feature awesome wrist/hand sun coverage with the thumb-hole sleeve detailing.  

They also have some cute sale items (coupon code won't apply to these):

$35, previously $68 - Grey, Navy, and Kiwi on sale
$69.99, previously $165
$38, previously $95

I already have my order in for both the red and the blue raglan (they also have them in plum and charcoal) and for the striped grey dolman.  Now I've got to go examine my minimalist closet and decide what will be on its way out to make room for the newcomers.  ;P  

Go forth, and be protected from the sun my brethren!  In whatsoever form that sun-protection might take.  :)  


  1. I was a sun goddess in my younger years. I wore a bikini all summer long and had the best tans ever. Not good, but that's what I did.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    1. And I bet you'll be one of those centenarians crediting vitamin C and ocean air with your long health! I just have a sinking suspicion I couldn't get away with it myself. ;P


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