AWESOME BLACK FRIDAY SALES - Summerskin's Stylish UPF / SPF Clothing AND Honeybee Gardens All-Natural Cosmetics!!

Hurray for Black Friday!!  And Cyber Monday coming soon!!  A couple of my favorite companies have awesome sales today / this weekend, so I thought I'd send those your way just real quick.  :D   

My favorite natural cosmetics line Honeybee Gardens is having 15% off plus free shipping with the coupon code BFRI15.  I use or have used pretty much their whole line, so pretty much take your pick of anything and I'm going to think it's awesome.  They sell samples of everything as well, so you can always just take this opportunity to try out some new makeup for cheap! Honeybee Gardens has fantastic scores on the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database, so this is an easy way to eliminate some chemicals from your daily life.  Today I ordered mascara and the December Buzz Box, which includes a powder foundation of your color choice.  I'm excited!

Summerskin also has an awesome Black Friday coupon code for 40% off plus free shipping for today only (JOYJOY40), and a nearly-as-awesome coupon code for 35% plus free shipping through Cyber Monday (thankful35).  Here's the scoop on that company, since it's a little more unusual:

If you have been around here for very long you probably know that:

1) I am intensely sun-phobic -- the natural result of a) an OCD personality, b) very pale burn-able skin, and c) an early skin cancer diagnosis / removal when I was just barely in my 20s.  No, it was not melanoma thank God!  But they had to go back and remove more, I had to have stitches, etc, and it thoroughly scared young, impressionable me.

2) I am a huge fan of the UPF (fabric SPF) clothing line Summerskin.  It is a) a super cute and stylish clothing line of clothing, b) founded and owned by a woman -- go go female entrepreneurship!, and c) naturally designed to have a UPF (usually of 50, which is a very high level of protection), which means less time and annoyance struggling with sunscreen.  

(can you tell I'm in a list-making mood?  :P)

If you didn't already know all that, and you're curious about it, feel free to check out my post about sun protection, sun damage, and my struggles with conventional vs natural sunscreen, and my post reviewing (/raving about) Summerskin's maxi, which I contend is the PERFECT travel dress.

Given those two facts about myself, I just had to let y'all know that Summerskin is having an awesome Black Friday sale - 40% off and free shipping with the coupon code JOYJOY40!

Here is a quick overview of some of my favorite items from them:

$52, previously $99

....I think this is pretty much the prettiest "hoodie" I've ever seen.  Does that really qualify as a hoodie guys?  Way more tailored than any hoodie I've ever worn....  

....and these raglan pullovers, which I've been secretly in love with for a while now...
So cute!  I have bothof these colors.

They not only look super comfy, but I love how the colors are rich without being oversaturated, and feature awesome wrist/hand sun coverage with the thumb-hole sleeve detailing.  

These items are all already discounted, AND you can use the coupon code to save even more!

$35, previously $68
$52, previously $165
$24, previously $95

I already own  both the red and the blue raglan (they also have them in plum and charcoal) and the striped grey dolman.  Ordering the surplice maxi in wine!  Now I've got to go examine my minimalist closet and decide what will be on its way out to make room for the newcomer.  ;P  

Go forth, and be protected from the sun my brethren!  In whatsoever form that sun-protection might take.  :)  And happy Black Friday shopping!!

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