Thanksgiving Frivolity -- Funny Turkeys, Adele As the Mystical Cure for Family Disharmony, Morbid Holiday Cynicism and a New Link-Up Button...

No Friday Frivolity this week -- I haven't even had a chance to finish reading and enjoying all the entries from last week, but I will soon, I promise!  Until then, Happy Thanksgiving, happy shopping craziness day, and happy weekend.  :)

I couldn't let you go without a chuckle though!  Here is a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit revealing the mystical fact that all we need is a little Adele to get us through the potential awkwardness and drama of a family weekend!

And a couple of turkey-related chuckles...  Desperate times call for dramatic wardrobe choices!!
Thanksgiving Frivolity - Desperate Times Call for Dramatic Wardrobe Choices!! - Click through for more funny Thanksgiving comics and videos!  
And a sweeter interpretation of "having turkey for dinner"...
Thanksgiving Frivolity - A Sweeter Interpretation of "Having Turkey for Dinner" - Click through for more funny Thanksgiving comics and videos!

Also, can I just say, PEOPLE!  I had NO IDEA how morbid a lot of Thanksgiving Day humor is!  Should I be looking at y'all vegetarians for this one, or was the internet just feeling cynical today??  If you like morbid humor, click here, here, or here.  Otherwise, just scroll on by, friends!  ;P

Lastly.... if you were coming by in search of the link-up, you might be an old friend who has been joining the frivolous fun for a while now... in which case, would you mind swapping out the old button for this shiny new one?  I would appreciate it a lot!!  Thanks, and now back to your regularly scheduled turkey-eating and wild-bargain-shopping.  And see you next week for the linky!!

grab button for Devastate Boredom
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Here are some of the places you might see this post partying! 

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  1. Haha, skinny turkey tees!!
    Next time I link up, I'll be sure to use the shiny new button!
    Happy Thnaksgiving, and I'll see ya at the mall tomorrow!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Sarah Eliza!! That sketch with Adele was hilarious!

  3. Swapped out the button and will be back next week with some stuff to share. Love that skinny turkey shirt one! :)


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