Did My House Stay Organized?? Or Did I -- *gasp* -- BACKSLIDE into Messiness?? My Konmari Update

I hope you all aren't rolling your eyes, muttering "not another minimalism post!"  I promise, it will be worth it!!  Because I am going to give you the SCOOP about whether the Konmari method "worked," as Marie Kondo promises. 

As a quick summary for anybody new here -- I've been pursuing minimalism for a while (since "before it was cool," I'm always careful to point out... haha!) but I'm still always looking for new ideas and perspectives to help me put my space and stuff to better use.  I recently reviewed Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and thought it was time for a 

follow-up post to share the answer to that all-important question..... 

Did I backslide????  

Because, as you know if you're already familiar with Ms Kondo, she claims NOBODY has gone back to being a "messy" after thoroughly tidying his/her home based on her methods, and I found that claim questionable at best.

So, I'll cut right to the chase.  

Ummmm, duh, of course I "backslid" into messiness.


It was SO much easier to set things back in order now... much easier than it would have been before "konmari-ing" my house.  

Case in point, my husband and I both ended up sick last week.  We were mostly back on our feet by Monday, but the house was a disaster (Marie Kondo would NOT have approved).  I was dreading tackling it, but when I did -- the tidying went much more smoothly and quickly than I expected.  Since everything has a place now, and I have less stuff in general, tidying and getting organized is  MUCH simpler.  

Does the Konmari method really leave people immune to becoming messy again?  Heck no, all it is going to take is a few hectic days of stress or illness, during which time you're not careful about putting things back into their places, and you'll FEEL like you're back right where you started.  But the reality is you aren't... you're already half-way back to being tidy.  

And that's because of this little equation: 

Less stuff + "homes" for remaining stuff = nearly painless organization. 

If you've been playing with the idea of getting organized or moving towards minimalism, you can do it, you can do it, rah rah rah!!!!  ;P  Check out my review of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up as a good starting place.

And if you have similarly tried out the Konmari method already, I want to hear from you -- did you "backslide"??  ;)

I have posts with a couple more Konmari related insights coming soon... to be entitled, "Why I ended up rolling my socks after all," "Why I succumbed to the siren call of matching hangers," and "Why you might actually need those new storage containers" ** -- so stay posted!!

**scintillating, right?? ahahaha

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  1. After FINALLY being allowed to get up after a week and a half of being ordered to bed, I am all too familiar with home destruction following an illness (and we'd only JUST recovered from the mess following that nasty HFMD!) Even though I was only allowed to do a small bit today (Gv's room), I was also surprised at how quickly I got everything back to normal in there!

  2. I was VERY skeptical of that claim myself!!
    Good for you!!
    Can't wait to find out why you do indeed roll your socks!!
    GASP* a minimalist saying you need NEW containers?? This oughta be good!!
    On pins and needles!!

  3. I'm certain that we don't have a minimilist lifestyle, but I am all for the everything having its own place. I have been trying to find a "home" for everything lately, and it has helped in keeping the house somewhat tidy.

  4. I have not tried this method but your simple equation made sense.
    Really I just need less stuff, period. I might look into this

  5. Hi,
    Interesting. I recently wrote about 19 strange but effective ways bloggers can save time.
    Thanks for bringing your post to Blogger's Pit last week.
    Janice, Pit Stop Crew


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