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Part of Devastate Boredom's READ or DON'T Read series - Samantha York reviews Corridors of the Night by Anne Perry - a story of mystery, intrigue, scientific discovery, and medical ethics, all set against the backdrop of Victorian society - historical fiction book review
My dear life-long friend Samantha York is a fellow bibliophile, and a talented writer.  She's been awesome enough to guest-post on Devastate Boredom with book reviews in the past, and is back with another today!  Welcome to the newest ongoing component of our READ or DON'T Read series, "Samantha Says"!

Corridors of the Night by Anne Perry
Mystery, Police Investigations 
READ, because I bet you’ve never thought about medical discovery like this before! 

Blood. That life sustaining liquid coursing through our veins. We take it for granted until it malfunctions or seeps out, and then we rely on a miracle –the transfusion of another’s surplus supply  - to save us. It’s really quite routine in modern hospitals, but (and I
suppose I should have realized this, only I hadn’t) it wasn’t always. This experimental world of medicine in Victorian England is the setting for Anne Perry’s 21st William Monk novel Corridors of the Night. While Monk is dealing with arms smugglers at the harbor, his wife Hester becomes entangled in a web of kidnapping, threatened murder, and shady medical research. Does the end justify the means? Where exactly should the boundaries of medical ethics fall? It all culminates in not one, but two dramatic courtroom scenes that completely engrossed my imagination. 

Now, if you are a bit of a squeamish soul, be aware that (obviously) blood, transfusions, needles and such are referenced throughout the story. None are especially over the top ghastly; I found myself audibly saying “yuck!” a couple times and that took the edge off enough. Don’t worry if you haven’t followed the series, the beauty of Perry’s writing is that each book can also stand alone. An enjoyable quick read!

-Samantha York
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  1. Wow, hmmm, maybe not! Thanks for the review, Samantha!

  2. Ooh, this sounds fab - pretty much all I read these days are murder mysteries and true crime, so it's right up my street! :) #FridayFrivolity


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