Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration - Sample Minimalist Closet - Uptown Chic with a Colorful Soul

Finally!  A capsule wardrobe I can wear to work.  And turquoise is my favorite color too!  Business Casual Mix-and-Match Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration - Example Minimalist Closet - Uptown Chic with a Colorful Soul! via Devastate Boredom
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Time for another installment of my capsule wardrobe fashion inspiration series!  I decided a couple of months ago now to create some sample minimalist wardrobes for inspirational purposes, because I think there is a lot of talk about "capsule wardrobes" without anyone really knowing what that looks like, besides, you know, "small."  If you haven't already, be sure to check out my previous posts in this series:

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A quick summary for anybody new:

I'm a big fan of minimalism and capsule wardrobes.  I did a series a while back about how to create a capsule that works for you and your own specific environment / fashion sense / day-to-day needs, and it ended up being quite popular... so much so that I've been working on turning it into an ebook.  

(*squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!*  I'm so excited!!  And I can't WAIT for it to be done, haha!)  

It is due out on kindle really soon, so, if you are looking for a logical, step-by-step "How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe" with instructions and tips on figuring out your own personal style and curating a happy, confident closet, stay posted!!  

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If you're scratching your head and wondering what on earth is "minimalism" and why is it appealing, basically... I find it easier to keep focused on the things that are important to me when I'm less distracted by "stuff"... whether it's extra stuff I have to dust and organize, or so many items of clothing crowded into my closet that I can't easily decide what to wear.  I choose what stays in my house very deliberately, based on the value it holds for me or the function it serves for me.  It's as simple as that!  

Today's style sampler is what I'm calling 
"Uptown Chic -- Business Casual for the Colorful Soul."

(And keep scrolling for more similar styles, currently available!)

Finally!  A capsule wardrobe I can wear to work.  And turquoise is my favorite color too!  Business Casual Mix-and-Match Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration - Example Minimalist Closet - Uptown Chic with a Colorful Soul! via Devastate Boredom

This is a three-season capsule, with two blazers and a cardigan for layering. It consists of 24 pieces, and nearly all of the tops can mix-and-match effortlessly with any of the 5 "bases," for a total of 100+ outfits. 

Similar Styles Currently Available!

I hope these are helpful visuals for anybody who might be intrigued by a capsule wardrobe but confused by the logistics... let me know if you have a specific kind of style, or specific colors that you'd like me to use to brainstorm next time's inspiration!

AND, if you love the idea of a capsule wardrobe but just have no idea how to figure it all out for your own needs and environments, consider hiring me for a one-on-one, virtual style consultation!  I promise to reveal all the secrets of building a effortless, confidence-inspiring, non-boring capsule wardrobe, and will even set you up with personalized purchase recommendations to help finish up your closet!  A happy capsule wardrobe that works for you is only a few clicks away!

Or, you know, just go download my ebook!  ;P
How to create a NON-BORING Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe, or "Uptown Chic Colorful Soul"!  Figure Out Your Personal Style and explore this Sample Example Minimalist Closet - Konmari Minimalist Ideas Fashion Clothing Choices mix-and-match

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  1. Minimalist is my fave. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ;)

  2. I am not so worried about a capsule wardrobe for my everyday life, but am really trying to learn to travel with one carry one bag, which requires a capsule of multi-use items. I like these mix and match items.

  3. Get the book. It is awesome! Besides getting great tips, you'll have so much fun! (shameless plug) ;)

  4. I would love to clear out my cluttered closet to a few items that could be mixed to make different outfits. I would probably have to get rid of all of it and start over. LOL Being a minimalism sounds like it would make life so much easier.


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