Exciting News for My Fashion Followers! (But the rest of you can read it too...)

I have exciting news for my fashion followers!  There is a new innovation over here at Devastate Boredom that I think may help us stay BFFs for life... but first, a little backstory to explain.  Bear with me!

("Bear" in that phrase never looks right... but "bare with me," definitely isn't right... that one would seem like I was inviting you for an afternoon at a nudist colony!  :P)

I just finished watching an online seminar about growing your blog, and ended up a little depressed. As always, the "expert" was discussing how a blog should have a NARROW FOCUS and specific content themes in order to grow... whereas I like to bounce around all over the place.  A little fashion here, a little humor there, then some book reviews, followed by advice about raising dogs and a photo of my puppies... is it obnoxious?  The seminar was saying that I am basically crippling my own blog growth by being *dramatic pause*

...too eclectic!

Well you know what, screw them.  I'm a multi-dimensional person, and why shouldn't my blog reflect that?  

BUT, at the same time, I want to respect your time and attention as a reader.  I know there are folks who found me through Pinterest because of my minimalist capsule wardrobe posts (my book Secrets of the Capsule Wardrobe is available for download on kindle tomorrow, PS!!!  Go check it out this very minute, because it is AWESOME!), and maybe they aren't really interested in all the flotsam and jetsam of my life.  Maybe they hate dogs and books, or maybe they *gasp* don't actually think my humor posts are funny at all... yes, hard to believe, I know!  But it's possible...  ;P

And despite my sarcasm right there, if I just described you, I completely respect that!  If you're here specifically for style advice, awesome!  I don't want my puppies and memes to come between us.  ;) And I now have a way for us to stay friends, without me getting on your nerves with my eclectic bounciness.  

Oh yes!  I have a brand-new, oh-so-shiny "Make Your Closet Amazing" newsletter, targeted just for folks who love my style posts and aren't really interested in the rest.  Hurray!  

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And if you're already signed up, you've already received your first installment, with an extra-speedy alert about the Nordstrom's Anniversary sale, ending TONIGHT.... I hope you all got to find some great new stuff at an amazing price!

Another change I want to share with you -- I've also updated Devastate Boredom's site navigation to help you find the content that ACTUALLY interests you more easily.  Want to see sample capsule wardrobes?  You can now access them all with a click via the "Style and Capsule Wardrobe" drop-down at the top of the site.  Want to get ideas for what to read next?  You can catch up on my READ / DON'T Read posts via the "Reviews" drop down.  Easy-peasy...  I hope you will come by and do some clicking and let me know what you think of the upgrades!

And for those of you out there who enjoy my memes and dogs and randomness, yay, thank you!  I like you too.  ;)  Feel free to subscribe via my regular system, which will keep you updated on ALL new posts.

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  1. LOL - I said "screw them" for a narrow focus, too (obviously). I actually LIKE eclectic, so I just decided that surely SOMEone else in the world felt the same way. I mean, hey, there are at least two of us, right? ;)

  2. Your electicness (is that even a word? It is now) is AMAZING, btw. What would I do without puppies and memes and books to liven up my life? But that aside, I know not everyone is like me, so kudos on finding ways to grow in new directions!! I signed up to get ALL THE NEW EMAILS. :)

  3. I have narrowed my blog to 5 topics but have yet to start a newsletter like all of the experts say I HAVE to do. I like your idea of doing one for each genre so I don't bore those that want the funny but no the crafts.

  4. Awesome idea! I love the new navigation too :)


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