Stuff on My Mind Lately... Ice Cream Sandwiches, Beauty and the Beast, Parks & Rec Reruns on Netflix!

I just know y'all have been wondering what's been on my mind lately, right?  

Well, I will tell you.  

Really, really profound stuff.

Like ice cream sandwiches.

So. Good.  These Coolhaus ones are expensive but delicious!

Stuff on my mind lately -- Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches review, Parks & Rec, Beauty and the Beast trailer, fun randomness!

The pic is of their snickerdoodle salted caramel ice cream sandwich, but my favorite is probably actually just the classic vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie... and we have the brown butter candied bacon ice cream one in the freezer but I've been afraid to try it.  It will either be bizarre, or earth-shatteringly amazing, and I've been postponing finding out.  ;P

Also on my mind... Beauty and the Beast.  I almost teared up at this trailer... so many memories!  And it looks like they're doing such a phenomenal job on it!  I can't wait.

And lastly, Parks and Rec.  My husband and I have been rewatching all the seasons slowly on Netflix, and it's just such a great show.  It's super funny, but it also has a genuinely good soul.  You end up really caring about those weirdos from Pawnee Indiana, even as you laugh at the insane mess they often make of their lives... before cheering them on as they all come together as friends and as a community to fix it all again.  *sniff sniff*

Stuff on my mind lately -- Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches review, Parks & Rec, Beauty and the Beast trailer, fun randomness!

The above is a screenshot of two of the hilarious characters, Andy and Donna, reacting to some unexpectedly disgusting news during a Town Hall forum.  Doesn't that single image make you want to watch it??  :P

If you've never seen Parks and Rec, you gotta check it out asap!  But just take my advice and skip the first season or two, because they really come into their own about half way through the second season. From there on out, though, it's pretty much amazing.  Don't worry, the storyline isn't that complicated... you'll figure out what's going on just fine even if you jump in at the middle. 

I'll be honest, I may be fixating on these funny, yummy, and endearing topics to avoid thinking too hard about the upcoming election.  I decided on the only choice I could make in good conscience a while ago -- even if it isn't the choice I had hoped for back during the primaries -- and now I'm just waiting to cast my vote.  Seems like the longer this election drags on, the more awful and embarrassing it becomes.  If anybody is truly undecided and wants to chat about policy, dignity, and/or social justice, then feel free to email me... otherwise, you can always hop over here and enjoy a post I did a few months ago with funnies and memes at Trump's expense!  Or rather, more accurately, at his hair's expense.  :P

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  1. I cannot wait for Beauty and the Beast! Ahhhh! :) Also, Happy Halloween!

  2. We vote by mail and I spent an entire day researching info to cast my vote last week. It was exhausting. It also wasn't fun, but at least I feel satisfied that I did what I could and move on...

  3. "brown butter candied bacon ice cream"?????????? What flAVOR IS THE COOKIE?? I'm scared for you!!

  4. I hear you on needing a break from all of the election stuff. I am going to be so glad when it is all over in a week. I so love Parks and Rec too! :) I never watched it when it was on air, but I have watched a ton on Netflix! :) I should start at the beginning and work my way through like you! :) Have a great day! <3

  5. That election, I asked my dad who lives in the Sates what he would do and he said he felt like he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. That is the way I usually feel when I go to vote here in Greece so Sarah Eliza the situation is widespread. This disease of flash over substance.

  6. I've never seen Parks and Rec but I've heard loads of good things - instead this week Anthony has insisted on rewatching the entire run of Frasier... I wish he'd stick to UK sitcoms, they only have 6 or 8 episodes a season, we could be done in a day! xD #FridayFrivolity


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