Voter Guilt Run Amok!

I've heard several times lately (mostly, I think, in the intro to parenting news updates on NPR) that we're living in a very guilt-oriented culture these days.  I don't know about you, but I'm certainly seeing that lately in the context of this election.  


Funny voter guilt and  peer pressure mailings from the 2016 presidential election

I have just been informed that I have a voting record worse than 90% of the voters in my state. 

Never mind that I just moved here in June, so I have literally never had the opportunity to vote here before... and never mind that after tomorrow I will have a near-stellar voting record across three states... nope, the Voter Participation Center disapproves of me heartily.  

Wait, it gets better!

 Check out this postcard we also received recently...

Funny voter guilt and  peer pressure mailings from the 2016 presidential election
This one compared the voting record of the person who lived here before us ("Richard") with those of three reported neighbors.  Heck yea, not just guilting folks, but comparing them with their friends too!  And in a "I know how you voted last election" kind of way that sorta implies they actually can see who you cast your vote for, and make it public.  That's a hefty dose of peer pressure and guilt right there!  

But don't you like how the Republicans (who sent the postcard) are trying to make the Democrats out to be the bad guys?  The Democrats are the ones who are going to tell all your neighbors how you voted... the Republicans are the noble sweethearts warning you beforehand of the devious plot!  Oh wait, no, they're the ones already making your voting record public, oops!  This election is just so dang confusing.

PS  I wish I knew enough of my neighbors' names to verify whether those are actually people who live around me, but sadly I don't.  

PS.2.  I actually received a THIRD mailing along these same lines, grading me on my previous voting history in North Carolina, which sadly I threw away in a fit of indignation so I have no photo to share.  But given my lack of ever being qualified to vote here before, let's just say I didn't get a very good grade.

PS.3. Hilarious election guilt and peer pressure aside, go vote!  Seriously... make your voice heard.  :) 

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  1. We've been getting those, too, and I had all the same feelings, but then when I was showing G his, I realized it WAS TOTALLY WRONG. It said he voted where he didn't (primary, where he didn't get his in the mail in time) and didn't when he did (all the past presidential elections, where he most certainly did - and I KNOW, because I mailed his with mine! We concluded that it's just all a scam and although we don't really know our neighbors, we at least know their names and those were WRONG, too! That turned the whole thing from infuriating to ridiculous for us!

    1. Ahhhh that makes it SO MUCH BETTER. ;P Too funny!

  2. Wow, just wow. No low they won't stoop to! Good to know, Lisa, that it was all wrong! Yay!
    Sarah Eliza, I'm so sorry to hear you've such a bad voting record that you're on the naughty list!! Hope you don't get coal in your stocking!

  3. I have no idea if I received anything like this. Anything remotely resembling election propaganda goes directly to the recycle bin without even making it in the house and has for decades.


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