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Part of Devastate Boredom's READ or DON'T Read series - Samantha York reviews Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller - Christian spirituality - book review - inspiration - modern life and morality, via Devastate Boredom
Today's book review is brought to you by my life-long bestie and fellow-bibliophile Samantha Y!  Also be sure to check out her past book reviews on romance novel The Wedding Wager, family drama Everything I Never Told You, and historical novel Corridors of the Night!

Blue like Jazz, Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality by Donald Miller
Spirituality, Introspection, Memoir

READ if you are interested in exploring the boundary of where religion meets the real world, and finding the freedom that awaits there. 

Jazz is absolutely the perfect metaphor for the ambling collection of essays Blue like Jazz, centered around author Donald Miller’s experiences as a youth on the road of spiritual discovery. It is rare that I listen to jazz, but when I do I usually find myself muttering “where is this song even going?” for the first several minutes. As my over-perfectionist, structure seeking mind rebels initially but finally relaxes, I realize the music hits a chord deep within. 

So it was with this book. I felt an initial disorientation, a questioning of Miller’s methods. Only a couple chapters in, though, and I was hooked. In Miller’s journey, I saw reflected the journey I’m somewhere in the middle of. Questioning the sheltered, middle class suburban ideals that we had both been taught, wondering how that meshes with “fruit nuts” and artists and even *sarcastic gasp* Democrats and protesters. I’ve never attended the “most godless college in America” or spent a month living in the woods of the Pacific Northwest with a group of hippies, so there is much to see through his eyes as he learns that all people are, well, people and God is bigger than we give Him credit for. Even though I’m late to the game and this book came out 15 years ago, not much has changed in the passing decade. So settle in, let go of your expectations of what Christianity "has" to be, and explore the realm of Christian spirituality with Miller and his cast of intriguing friends.


Thanks for the awesomely insightful book review Samantha Y!  We look forward to reading more from you on Devastate Boredom soon!

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  1. This was one of my favorite books to read years ago and one of G's closest friends actually attended that college way back in the dark ages! Have YOU read it yet?

  2. I read Blue Like Jazz many years ago - I found it really interesting and really weird all at the same time. I also stumbled across his site: a while ago and often find something engaging to read there too. It's always good to step out of our reading comfort zones now and then.

  3. This sounds like a really interesting read! I've got to rejig my reading list ready for the new year! :)

  4. Thanks for a cool review : ) I've been wondering about this book since I read a review of it when it first came out - but still haven't gotten around to reading it! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too : )

  5. When I read Scary Close, I had some of the same feelings: Some dissonance and then a real appreciation for what he was communicating.

  6. I've read Blue Like Jazz a couple of times and loved it! Glad to see that Samantha also gives it a thumbs up. :)

  7. I love the read/don't read spin to reviewing. :-) Thank you for linking this up with LMM!

  8. I really enjoyed this book. It was challenging in the best ways. Another great one along these lines is Crazy Love by Francis Chan.
    Visiting from #Coffeeforyourheart


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