Childhood Holiday Memories... #FridayFrivolity

5 Favorite Childhood Holiday Memories... #FridayFrivolity

Ahhh the holidays!  I hope everyone has happy childhood memories of the excitement, joy, and togetherness of the season.  Those (hopefully happy) childhood memories are the theme for this week's #FridayFrivolity!  

Take a stroll down memory lane with me...  

Humorous Christmas memories via Devastate Boredom
Caroling / Christmas Music... was always a big part of our holidays when I was growing up. I think we had to buy a second Mannheim Steamroller tape after wearing out our first... music from the Nutcracker and Nat King Cole's Christmas album were also among our favorites.  And we didn't just listen to Christmas music, oh no!  We went caroling ourselves, armed with candles and a homemade book of our favorite carols, neatly typed and stapled, making the rounds both in our own neighborhood and in those of our grandparents.  My own favorite part of caroling may or may not have been the multiple desserts we enjoyed at each destination, but the singing was fun too.  A particularly funny memory is the time that one set of grandparents didn't hear us right away, so we sang song after song, louder and louder, until half their apartment complex was watching us... and finally our melodic bellowing brought our grandparents out onto their balcony too.  I don't think I want to know what they were doing in there that was so absorbing, rofl, but I half suspect that the story could have even been funnier than we knew at the time...

Humorous Christmas memories via Devastate Boredom
Neighborhood Christmas Lights...  There were several neighborhoods / houses in the area that we would pilgrimage to each year without fail, in honor of the elaborate lights they put on display.  I think we managed a couple of strings of lights ourselves one year, but by and large we were contented to admire other people's efforts without expending any ourselves.  That photo up there isn't quite right of course, the lights I'm thinking of looked more like this.... minus the creep-factor!  ;P  

Humorous Christmas memories via Devastate Boredom
Christmas Stockings... Kids always love little things, right?  Dollhouses, Polly Pocket, teeny tiny charms on bracelets, all that stuff was right up my ally.  So it probably makes sense that the "small" gifts in my stocking always held a near and dear place in my heart as a child... not to mention all the candy... so much candy!  I did my best to make it last until Valentine's Day each year, but I think I only succeeded once.  

Humorous Christmas memories via Devastate Boredom
Christmas Family Movie Nights... My family loved movie nights in general, complete with popcorn and cups of Sprite, but Christmas movie nights were even more special.  My personal favorite films were Miracle Down Under (also known as Bushfire Moon and The Christmas Visitor, depending on what continent it was being marketed on) and The Wish that Changed Christmas.  I liked all the "standard" ones too, but leave it to me to love the weird ones best.

Humorous Christmas memories via Devastate BoredomCandle Light Christmas Eve Service... Christmas isn't Christmas without a candle light service at church!  I loved those evenings as a kid, and love them still as an adult.  It probably didn't hurt that the services combine two of my other favorite Christmas memories as a bonus ("songs" and "lights"...  ;P)  but the chance to shift away from all the trappings of the holiday (as fun as they are!) and focus on the hope and joy of the story of unexpected event in a barn two thousand years ago was always quietly powerful to me.

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Friday Frivolity LINKY PARTY - the blog link-up for all things Fun, Funny, Happy, and Hopeful!

Friday Frivolity LINKY PARTY - the blog link-up for all things Fun, Funny, Happy, and Hopeful!

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Friday Frivolity LINKY PARTY - the blog link-up for all things Fun, Funny, Happy, and Hopeful!

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  1. Oh, wow, I don't think I've ever actually gone caroling - or even known anyone who has in real life! (Of course, I guess I can't say that anymore...) #FridayFrivolity

  2. You are so fortunate to have so many great Christmas memories from your childhood. I have very few, but I hope I've created a few for my own children to make up for it! Happy Christmas and thanks so much for hosting this lovely linky all year x

  3. Good day Sarah Eliza! Hope this finds you well. Just thought I’d drop by and say ‘hi’ and leave you this link, thought you might recognize a name/link or two 😉
    Hope the weekend treats you kindly. 🙂

  4. Woohoo! Thanks for the feature! Love your Christmas traditions, but now I'm rethinking my stocking stuffers. Maybe I can make them a little more memorable! :)

  5. Thanks for hosting. Those are some great memories.

  6. Fun memories. Nat King Cole is one of those on my "it isn't Christmas until I've heard it" list.

  7. I always wanted to go caroling, but nobody would ever go. :( Oh sorry, FAVE memory! Lights!! Eggnog! Christmas Eve service! Reading Luke 2 before presents. Always getting to open 1 present on Christmas Eve'Eve, cuz Daddy couldn't wait! lol

  8. Wish you a Merry Christmas!
    many greetings

  9. I find this season a really great time to look back in the past. Merry Christmas to one and all!


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